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Mnemonica Study App

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Mnemonica and stacked deck study app-----------------------------------------Master Tamariz's mnemonica in 3 days... guaranteed!Learn the most used stack in the USA: Simon Aronson'sPrepare yourself for the next revolution in stacked decks: Woody Aragon's stack!
* Includes 4 different stacks: Juan Tamariz's mnemonica, Woody Aragón's, Simon Aronson's and Dani Daortiz's personall stack* Follow Woody Aragón's (published in his new book "Memorándum") method by choosing the section you want to study: half stack (first or second half) or complete stack* Card and position questions* Use the "Revision" mode to swipe through the whole section you want to study or to see thw whole deck in a single screen* 4 ways to learn: - Study: Go throw the selected section in order - Practice: Random card and position questions from the selected section - Exam: Answer to every card or position in the selected section in a random order NEW! - ACAAN Trainer: Given a random card and a number, can you guess which card should be at bottom?* Stats: review the cards you failed, so you can focus on the harder ones* Notifications: get a random question periodically anywhere, so you don't forget to do your homework ;-)* Separation: practice dividing a shuffled deck into the two halves of a stacked deck* Includes a special keyboard for card questions
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